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Black Hearts White Bones Kindle and Paperback cover.
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Cover Art by Sam Mayle

If only those women who behave badly make history, can two women loving badly rewrite it?

Black Hearts White Bones 

Peg Brennan hasn’t held a sword since the day she was captured at sea and imprisoned ten years earlier.  But as her fingers slide around the hilt of the rapier laying in the dirt beside her, she knows that the quiet life she has created for her bastard son in Bath is about to change for the worse – and still she cannot stop herself.  What she doesn’t know is that an even darker threat will soon arrive that will drag her back into the blackness that can only exist in a pirate’s heart.

Sailing toward the port town in the Carolina colony is Mary Read – the woman Peg left behind to die in Jamaica nine years earlier.  Her life has been as hard as Peg’s has been mundane, providing bitter sauce for the cold revenge she intends to serve her former love.  When they come face to face, Mary Read plans to kill Peg – the woman who is really Anne Bonny – and abduct her eight-year-old son Tye as payment for her suffering.  But fate seldom adheres to the plans of men, and even less so for women who have tasted forbidden fruit.



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Cover Photo: Jeanette Canady Furney

Moon Photo: Ganapathy Kumar/Unsplash

Cover Models: Sophie Sullivan/Finlay Furney

Design Advis0r: Meredith Walsh

If a girl cries of loneliness and there’s no one alive to hear….can she still survive?

Ivy Moon

 Last Girl on Earth 

“This is not the way it’s supposed to be,” I whisper. “In the books and movies, the survivor of an apocalypse becomes a hero…rises above all obstacles, finds other people, and begins to rebuild. No matter how horrible their existence has become, the people in those stories have reason to live. To survive. If nothing else, there are other people in these imagined worlds, either friends or foes or both. I have everything I need to survive, to live out the rest of my life in comfort. But what’s the point of having a life if there’s no one to share it with? I don’t even have an adversary to torment me. Nothing. This is no apocalypse. This is hell on earth…and I am the true walking dead.”


Ivy Moon – Last Girl on Earth is a Young Adult, post-apocalyptic tale of a girl’s survival and self-discovery. The story begins when the young teen who suffers a head injury emerges from a sailboat that ran aground during a hurricane. The trauma of discovering she is amnesic is soon dwarfed by the realization she is totally alone. Gradually, her expectation that people will return to the community they evacuated is replaced with the startling truth that everyone is gone. Vanished from the face of the earth. Hindered by a selective memory that affords only brief glimpses of her past, Ivy and her new friend Tonka – a West Highland White Terrier –  set off on a quest to find other people. She soon discovers that surviving a post-apocalyptic world isn’t the adventure books and movies make it out to be.

Aphrodite's Whisper book cover.
Audio Sample
Cover art: Consuelo Parra
Design Advisor: Meredith Walsh

Listen with your heart.


Aphrodite's Whisper 

How had things gone so wrong?

Caelyn’s small hands, raw with broken blisters, were no longer able to grasp the oars. It mattered little that the wind was dying and the sky was almost clear. Without fresh water, they would not survive. Exhausted, she rested against the oar handles crossed in an X before her and sobbed, cursing the strange aversion that kept her from doing the one simple thing that might save them.


But only for a few moments. She may not be stronger than the phobia, but neither was she weak of constitution and determination. The tears shed were seen by no one and the release of pent-up emotion gave her new hope. Settling in next to the unconscious rescuer to share body warmth against the growing cold, Caelyn prayed to the only gods that had ever afforded her comfort.

Caelyn Canady, a moneyed-class misfit from New York, becomes a castaway forced to save herself and the injured man who had come to help her. Only if she can survive will she learn the dark truth of her past and be free to become the woman she is meant to be.

Ethan Roberts, her would-be rescuer, is a veteran of the Spanish-American War tormented by the deaths of his best friend and an innocent woman. In becoming a crewman in the lifesaving service, he may have found a way to escape his guilt and pain. Whether it be through redemption or death he no longer cares...until his passion for life is rekindled by the slight woman who saves him.

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