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Cherie Priest – (Steampunk) Rock Star

Cherie Priest

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Ahhhh... Steampunk. Proof that there is something new under the sun. If you don't get Steampunk, you don't get Steampunk. If you don't get Cherie Priest, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Ms. Priest Rocks! Fortunately for me, the very first Steampunk I read was Boneshaker, a typical Civil War-era story about a boy, his devoted mother, zombies, air pirates, and a runaway drilling machine that destroys Seattle. Seriously. Here's the thing; Cherie Priest is such a caring and exquisite writer it's all perfectly believable. Her prose often surpasses any literary works I've read and her voice so dominates her characters, setting, and plot, you don't read her books, you experience them. And if all that wasn't enough, her novels feature some of the best cover art on the planet.

If you follow my book reviews you may know that I critiqued one of her most recent novels, The Family Plot, a well-crafted, supernatural fiction that proves Ms. Priest is not a one-trick pony. Which is not to mean she compares to a horse. It's a metaphor. Or a simile. I forget. SHE'S JUST FANTASTIC! Take my word for it. Better yet, read her books and see for yourself.

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