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BLACK HEARTS ☠ WHITE BONES now available on Kindle and Amazon!

If it is true that only those women who behave badly make history,

can two women loving badly rewrite it?

Wow! What another great week! I announced the release of Black Hearts ☠ White Bones to friends and family this past week and the response has been tremendous. And now it is time to announce its availability on the bigger stage, starting with this blog post.

It was more than five years in the making. It took at least three hours of research for every hour of writing and editing. Just click on the picture to find the Kindle e-version and Amazon hard copy. The Audible version should be available sometime in May.

A pirate story like none you've ever read before. "Black Hearts White Bones" brings Anne Bonny and Mary Read to life with all their ambitions, human frailties, and passions stripped to the bone – exposing their extraordinary hearts and an unbreakable bond that teeters between love and hate. "Black Hearts White Bones is a gripping "what if" story that will have you wondering whether these two powerful and historical women will come together in the end – or kill each other.

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